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High Performance Hardware Line

Built on the World Famous Supermicro Chassis

Leveraging our security industry experience, we deliver higher performance machines tested and custom-built specifically to your Access Control, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Video Management System (VMS) requirements.



RFTS-8 is a mission critical video workstation, ready for all enterprise class VMS platforms, like Avigilon, Genetec, Indigovision, Milestone, Qognify, and more.  This workstations come standard with dual power supplies, supports dual monitors and are designed for modular upgrades when necessary.  Most importantly, as camera resolution quality and video analytics improve, ongoing research and development at ReddWare labs ensure future-proof solutions.


RHS is ReddWare's hybrid server. This NVR/Workstation is built with a 24TB, RAID5 recorder. The unit also supports up to two monitors, each displaying up to 16 simultaneous HD, 30 f.p.s. video streams--high performance viewing and recording from a single box. 


Enterprise Servers

The R16 provides centralized management for access control software, AI and multi-recorder surveillance environments. Centralizing management on a dedicated server allows for the management of access control, AI and VMS, by authorized personnel, while allowing access to recorders and workstations by security personnel, technicians, and other authorized staff.

The R-28 series is 2U version of its bigger brother R-47 (4U chassis). Equipped with 12 drive bays, scalable to 56 bays, the unit is shipped with Enterprise class hardware, RAID and redundant power supplies.  This 2U recorder brings optimal performance under demanding loads.

The R-47 is built on a 4U chassis system and accommodates 36 drive bays with scalability to 124 drive bays.  This enterprise class hardware is built with VMS specific RAID requirements and redundant power supplies.  ReddWare issues a performance guarantee with each purchase.

All of our enterprise servers are FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 capable with optional security configurations.