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High Performance Hardware Line Built on the World Famous Supermicro Chassis

"Necessity is the mother of invention" and lackluster performance of off-the-shelf surveillance recorders was the driving force behind the development of ReddWare, a “boutique” hardware line developed by Redd Ash Technologies. This sub-par performance of most so-called surveillance recorders became increasingly evident to Redd Ash engineers as they scrambled to respond to customer dissatisfaction: epidemic drive failures, video data loss due to shorter archiving periods than manufacturers’ specifications and technical support staff with limited VMS experience.

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Optimization and Reliability

ReddWare is a high performance line of computer hardware built on the world famous Supermicro chassis.  ReddAsh chose Supermicro’s chassis, over competing manufacturers, as a base to build its elite ReddWare line for the following reasons:

  • Supermicro’s numerous first-to-market chassis styles, high performance, high density and energy efficient servers are ideal for customizations that push the limits of IP surveillance and IoT solutions.
  • Its chassis are the most efficient providing flexibility to build systems from 10 Terabytes to multiple Petabytes
  • Supermicro is a leader in green computing technology (#1 in Green 500 initiative), providing superior total-cost-of-ownership for its demanding clientele.

Redd Ash Technologies cherishes its 10-year legacy with Supermicro.  ReddWare manufactures all  hardware using ISO 9001 quality standards by leveraging Supermicro and it's global partner network manufacturing facilities.  This ensures a consistent build quality and performance anywhere in the world.  Currently, ReddWare has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific, North America and  emerging markets shares in Central & South America.

“As one of the top VMS developers, we were always impressed by the performance of the ReddWare line of hardware. It is the perfect platform for our software, targeting the most demanding customers. The hardware sets Redd Ash apart from other surveillance platforms because they are designed to address every small detail. This attention and optimization simply makes the software shine and the end users very happy."

Mulli Diamant, Co-founder and VP Global Business Development 

Qognify (formerly On-Net Surveillance Systems/OnSSI)



High Performance

Unlike competing manufacturers, the R-Series hardware from ReddWare were not developed in a sanitized lab, rather from thousands of real world deployments and feedback from Fortune 500 customers across the amusement park, healthcare, manufacturing and gaming verticals. ReddWare brings over ten years of listening, observing, testing and customization for Qognify, Milestone, Avigilon, IndigoVision and Genetecs’ surveillance platforms.  The resulting R-Series machines are the ultimate surveillance storage machines designed for high performance while utilizing less hardware for greater value.  Some of these Fortune 500 companies have selected the ReddWare line exclusively for mission critical surveillance needs. For example, for most surveillance hardware platforms that require two recording servers for bandwidth of 900Mbps or greater, a single R-Series machine will provide superior performance and the ability to increase storage in the future.

Unique Monitoring

Another unique feature is the ReddWatch monitoring device that can be included with each R-Series machine purchase. Consider a complex infrastructure with multiple surveillance servers distributed over many locations with hundreds of cameras.  ReddWatch devices will monitor the health status of the entire surveillance system, independent of the VMS platform & recorder, sending useful alerts to both end-user and system integrator. In certain circumstances, common issues can be solved autonomously, reducing down time and expensive on-site service. This drastically reduces the total cost of ownership.


Find out how ReddWare’s customized servers and IOT devices have won head-to-head proof of concepts against major manufacturers globally.